From the moment you call to enquire about our services you will be dealing with a friendly member of our team who will be ready to help you with the service or information you require.

We provide Internal and External Cleaning Services including:
Domestic one off or regular cleans, Deep cleans, Void cleans, Sparkle cleans, Communal cleaning, Builder cleans, Jet washing, Steam cleans, Litter picking, Sweep bin areas / car parks, dust around doorways and external lighting.

Giving you value for money
To identify the best service for you, Highmore Group will visit all sites and properties individually. This allows our dedicated team to establish the best service for you, giving us the ability to provide the most effective service with minimal disruption.

Highmore Group strive to create value for money. We constantly review our services allowing continuous improvement to our products, services and equipment, enabling us to innovate and consistently maintain a high quality service.

Our commitment is the same for any client, be they a private individual, social or commercial organisation. We understand our clients needs and are confident in our ability to meet these needs.

Our service and commitment to you…

To ensure you or your tenants feel comfortable with our team entering your home or property
  • We promise a quick response to all initial enquiries
  • We will take a full and concise Project Brief, detailing your requirements
  • We will agree a specific time and date to conduct a site based review of the project or commence work
  • We will provide a written Estimate within 48 hours
  • We will give you the name of the employee(s) who conduct the work
  • Punctuality with be guaranteed
  • Our experienced Maintenance & Repairs Teams wear full Highmore Group uniform and Photo ID badges
  • We will arrive on site in sign written company vehicles
  • Whilst on site we will ensure all Health & Safety compliance is adhered to
  • Our aim is to ensure you are 100% happy with all works carried out
  • We will provide you with a Satisfaction Feedback form for you to complete
  • We will formally respond to any recommendations you make as a result of completing the Satisfaction form
Domestic cleans
A dedicated member of our team will be assigned to you, allowing you to build a rapport with our members of staff and confidence in the service provided within your home. Dates and times will be agreed in advance to the frequency you request. You will also be provided with direct contact number of your contract manager.

Deep cleans / Void cleans / Sparkle cleans
Where Deep cleans, Void cleans and Sparkle cleans are required and access has been arranged, works can usually be completed within 5 working, although most project are usually completed sooner. 

Communal Cleaning
  • A regular rota will be scheduled and copy of the rota will be provided along with any other relevant documentation including policies and procedures
  • Highmore Group management will introduce themselves to clients and area monitors prior to commencement of work exchanging contact details to enable direct communication
  • A specific Team will be allocated to the site including a Team Leader, allowing tenants to build a rapport with Highmore Group staff
  • Evidence sheets with full company details, arrival times and dates listed are displayed within communal areas for tenants information and for our Teams to complete as a record of attendance
  • Minimum disruption to tenants with working hours between Monday to Friday 8am-5pm
  • Communication and Punctuality Guaranteed
  • Our experienced Teams wear full Highmore Group uniform and Photo ID badges
  • We will arrive on site in sign written company vehicles
  • Whilst on site we will ensure all Health & Safety compliance is adhered to
  • Regular inspections and meetings will take place between Management and the client to ensure quality control is maintained.
  • A combination of cleaning, caretaking and grounds maintenance to any site is available on request helping to reduce service charges
We really are the all-in-one Contractor
Communication is maintained between Highmore Group Managers and Team Leaders on a regular basis, with constant contact we are able to ensure works are running on time and without issue. Team Leaders will also raise any health and safety issues and make recommendations for repair or rectification.

All Teams are directly employed by us and experienced within their profession to enable us to ensure good quality of workmanship on every job no matter how large or small. Each employee completes in house training on our procedures / practises to ensure sites are clean and without debris maintaining high standards throughout. In addition 95% of our employees have recieved First Aid training.

Highmore Group is registered with the Environment Agency to enable the disposal of rubbish following clearance work. 

The Cleaning consumables we use are environmentally friendly. These are non-harmful to humans, animals and aquatic life, yet are still high performing on the job, resulting in clean, healthy home or working environments for all.

The combination of good management and quality control, training and investing in our employees has proven us successful within our industry and enables us to deliver the high quality, professional, reliable services in which we are dedicated to providing.